From the Principal

Excellence for mission – SAIACS stands for exactly that. Excellence will mean hard work with personal integrity. You will strengthen your thinking and confidence in evangelical Biblical faith. You will improve your ability to share in God’s mission. Upholding the uniqueness of Jesus and the authority of the Bible, we offer academic education that helps you balance scholarship and Christian spirituality.

At SAIACS we live to learn and learn to love – to love God with all our hearts, minds and strength, love our neighbours as ourselves, and care for our country and environment. Whether you learn on-line or in residence, we want you to join a vibrant community with no discrimination in gender, social class, race, colour or culture. On campus, students, faculty, staff and gardeners eat lunch together and are involved in small group fellowship, prayer and recreation.

God provides SAIACS with well-qualified teachers and visiting faculty, some of whom are world-renowned in their specialty. My vision is that SAIACS grows from good to great. Whether God is calling you to serve in college, church, mission or marketplace, SAIACS offers cutting-edge training to suit. Our MA degrees build in context-based learning to complement classroom studies. University recognition of your degree is yours if you want it.

Do you want to prepare yourself to serve God? If you do, make SAIACS your choice to study for God’s sake and his mission. Aim high. Take someone with you. I hope you’ll pray about your decision. You’ll find God leading you.


Dr Ian Payne
Principal, SAIACS